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the journey of a lifetime

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“Biodanza offers people what they most want and need: to love and feel loved, to create, to perceive
the sacred in nature, to enjoy the pleasure of life, experiencing it as a wonderful miracle. “
– Rolando Toro, the founder of Biodanza.

Biodanza is a system that combines movement and music in a group setting to support human development at all levels.

It stimulates vitality and a sense of aliveness – a healthy self-regulated expression of our life force. We rediscover our natural rhythms.

It develops the capacity to express ourselves more spontaneously and to live all of our life more creatively.

It is designed to help us regain the pleasure of movement. We experience increased sensitivity to being embodied and open to our senses.

It opens us to the realm of feeling deeply, expressing affection and connection towards ourselves and others.

Biodanza is movement in a group together with others, to feel welcomed, supported and part of humanity.

Biodanza helps us realize our significance and connection to the totality of all life of which we are an expression and into which we can relax and be safely held.

You don’t need to know how to dance, the process is guided and you go according to what feels good and right for you.

It’s playful and fun, a chance to let go of tensions in body and mind and an opportunity for profound moments too.

If you feel the urge to experience life more vividly and richly through movement come and try it out. Sessions are about 1.5 hours, about 12-14 exercises that stimulate and nourish these vital pathways of being alive.

emotional ~ musical ~ heart-full ~ expressive ~ creative ~ joyful ~ vital ~ transcendent ~ connected ~ sensuous ~ expansive ~ tender.

In Biodanza we dance to evoke the fullness of our human potential to live with vitality, creativity, sensuality.

We dance to connect with others and to feel ourselves a part of all life. 

 Feel the joy and the pleasure of being alive.





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