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about lisa firer design

*2021 update* It is with great sadness that we have had to close our production studio. Our entire website is an archive at present. Please send an email to if you would like to receive a notification about future plans and we will add you to our mailing list.

lisa firer design is a small-scale ceramic design studio that works with the uniqueness that high fired porcelain clay develops through the hand making and firing process. Established in 1996, we slab-build using textured and coloured porcelain. Lisa’s designs reference fabric, patchwork, paper and origami, embossing and debossing; light and layering. Textiles are a huge inspiration. Our work is made of thin hand-rolled slabs of clay with patches, textures, seams and layering. You could say we sew our vessels.

Our lovingly created ceramics align with the increasing value of the carefully considered hand-made object. The mark and energy of the maker is transferred into the work, and through the tactility of the medium, into the hands of the recipient: a conversation through clay.

lisa firer design currently works from a studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. We produce our own collections of vessels and lighting and in addition make bespoke work for a variety of clients including architects, interior designers and corporates.

Our dream team:  Rebecca, Lisa, Zine, Dagmar, Valencia


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As most of you know, lisa firer design production studio closed down due to covid and took I took a…

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