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about lisa firer mindfulness and movement
A warm welcome!
While pursuing a career in the ceramic arts, I’ve always had a parallel process of exploring and offering movement and awareness-based modalities.  Focused on embodied learning, my approach is strongly rooted in mindfulness.
I trained to facilitate the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme at the University of Massachusetts, USA, Centre for Mindfulness in 2005 and have a certification in developing Mindfulness-based Interventions from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Mindfulness is a foundational leadership quality and I have had the opportunity to introduce mindfulness to organisations and educational institutions such as the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and other executive leadership programmes. Since 2013 I have developed and run Creative Awareness, a mindfulness-based elective for postgraduate students of entrepreneurship, marketing and sport science at the UCT school of management studies.
I’m also an internationally accredited Biodanza facilitator, a system of human development using music and movement. Stillness-Dancing is an integration of mindfulness and dance-movement.
My latest offering is Clinical Somatics. This system teaches gentle awareness-based movements that support the body to release deeply held contractions, tensions and stress. It is also a system that supports any other movement practice bringing ease, fluidity and undoing habitual patterns.


mindfulness offerings

the awareness that is revealed as we pay attention in the present moment with non-judgement and openhearted curiosity. I offer…

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