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about lisa firer mindfulness and movement
A warm welcome, I’m so glad you are visiting here!
Over a 25 year career in the ceramic arts, I have also had a parallel journey of exploring and sharing movement and awareness-based modalities. 
Focusing on embodied learning, my approach is strongly rooted in mindfulness, self-compassion, mindful movement and vitality. My aim is to create a safe, collaborative space in which to support you in healing from various forms of chronic pain, stress and tension.

The science of pain from the last 20 years is groundbreaking and has radical implications for healing and recovery from chronic pain and other syndromes. 

To apply these new understandings I offer mind-body strategies of:

Clinical Somatic Movement 


Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT)

Biodanza and dance-movement practices for harmonising and integrating mind, body and soul.

I hope you’ll explore my website for more information and I look forward to meeting you soon!




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