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Mindfulness is a key foundational practice in my offerings. It is a multifaceted intervention to teach self-awareness, self-compassion and healthier responses to stress and pain. Awareness is the starting point for deep healing and cultivating awareness through mindfulness is a skill that can be learned and practiced through meditation and in daily life.

My experience

I trained to facilitate the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme at the University of Massachusetts, USA, Centre for Mindfulness in 2005 and have a certification in developing Mindfulness-based Interventions from Stellenbosch University, South Africa 2015. Mindfulness is a foundational leadership quality and I have had the opportunity to introduce mindfulness to organisations and educational institutions such as the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and other executive leadership programmes. Since 2013 I have developed and run Creative Awareness, a mindfulness-based elective for postgraduate students of entrepreneurship, marketing and sport science at the UCT school of management studies. I have offered Taste of Mindfulness 2 day retreats at the Buddhist retreat Centre in Ixopo since 2007. I am a member of The Institute for Mindfulness SA.

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