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Drawing on the latest pain neuroscience, Pain Reprocessing Therapy is one is a series of growing evidence-based offerings worldwide to help heal chronic neuroplastic pain. It is based on the work of Alan Gordon, author of the The Way Out and Tell me about your Pain podcast.

Many aspects of our human experience can contribute to the maintenance of pain. There can be physical and structural damage as well as patterns of movement that cause or contribute to the pain. 

There is the mind body connection: emotions and thoughts are influenced by and in turn influence and drive the pain cycle. There can also be a sensitivity and habituation of the brain to the pain that can become maladaptive and result in pain maintenance or amplification of the pain. All of these aspects are interacting in the human body at the same time and can contribute to maintenance of pain. 

Learn more about Pain Reprocessing Therapy here. I combine and offer this orientation to working with Clinical Somatic work where appropriate. 

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