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Meeting reality as it is…

Meeting reality as it is…


…not how we wish it to be!

This is the profound lesson of an ongoing mindfulness and self-enquiry practice: to slow down, pay attention and to learn to meet what arises without resistance. Follow an impulse, explore and try things out. Receive feedback from the body- the primary site of wisdom. The invitation is to flow with what arises next -which is so much more than our mind can imagine while it clings to narrow ideas. (We invite the mind back with its expansive gifts of planning and execution soon!) 

Since September last year, I have experimented with starting a Biodanza open group in Sea Point.

After a while, I take stock, my body gently says not now, reveals that its energy is not available for this task at the moment.

Surrender, let go, feel, breathe, following what’s next…

Which is….

a smaller space for new experiments, weaving and combining dance-movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Please join me on Tuesdays at the Hellenic Club Moullie Point, Cape Town. for Somatic Circles.

I’ll send out a monthly schedule for themes and classes.

2 sessions will be dance-based, inspired and informed by my Biodanza practice.

Others will explore somatic movement for releasing chronic tension and pain, practices for deep relaxation and coming home to ourselves. 

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